Supporting improved restoration practices

WRI has created a culture of learning and continuous improvement among restoration practitioners by investing in research to inform their work, supporting technical assistance and offering shared learning opportunities such as project learning tours, workshops and our biennial Within Our Reach conference.

Plucking native saplings from a hip sack.

Through shared learning, our partner groups have improved their restoration practices in a variety of ways, from devoting more time to long-term care of restoration sites, to adopting new techniques to improve fish habitat, to working in closer coordination with the scientific community to develop projects and using data to target efforts in key Willamette tributaries.

A WRI-funded technical expert at the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) supports conservation groups throughout the basin, helping them adopt more effective and efficient restoration techniques and access funding and training opportunities. A bulk plant procurement program devised and managed by BEF has enabled groups to access higher-quality plants for their restoration projects, at a lower cost.