The Willamette River Initiative’s focused, collaborative, long-term model of investment in river restoration has enabled our partners to accomplish more for the river.

mainstem projects
Jumpstarting restoration on the mainstem Willamette

Our partners are restoring Willamette Basin habitat at a pace and scale never seen before.

Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council Director Sarah Dyrdahl stands in Staley Creek's newly-opened floodplain.
Increasing impact in key tributaries

Not only are our partners doing more work, they're doing it more strategically. 

Plucking native saplings from a hip sack.
Supporting improved restoration practices

WRI and our partners have fostered a culture of learning, leading to continuous improvement.

"Because we have these collaborations at the local and regional levels, more people are on the river doing outreach and education events, working on treatments and meeting regularly, and we’re able to identify new aquatic invasives much earlier, before weeds have spread everywhere. The earlier we know about a problem, the easier it is to deal with."

-- Melissa Lemein, River Restoration and Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Benton Soil and Water Conservation District

Scientists share research while standing near a tributary of the Willamette River
Enabling better informed river management

Increased alignment and coordination have enabled our partners to conquer big regional challenges.

Fish nets dip into the water during a restoration project at Staley Creek in the Middle Fork Willamette watershed.
Attracting new resources for river health

Our grantees' reputation for effectiveness has attracted new partners and resources to the Willamette River health movement.

Members of the Willamette restoration community accept the 2012 Thiess International Riverprize.
Making award-winning progress

The Willamette restoration community has gained international recognition for its strides toward a healthier river system.

A commitment to equity

WRI is committed to creating a stronger, more effective and resilient Willamette River movement by supporting efforts that advance equity, diversity, inclusion and fairness within our river community. We have provided equity-focused learning and capacity-building support for more than a dozen mainstream conservation organizations, as well as capacity and project funding for groups working toward environmental justice and equity.

What's next?

This progress is just the beginning. Learn how you can play a role in securing a healthy Willamette River system long into the future.