Future planning documents

Browse the documents that guide our future-building process.

Blueprint for a Willamette River Network

View the foundational document from which we have begun to build a Willamette River Network. This blueprint brings into focus the roles the network will play, the partners it will engage and how it will function.


Webinar: Unveiling a Vision for the Willamette's Future

Watch a Sept. 2018 webinar in which WRI Director Allison Hensey unveiled the final blueprint for a Willamette River Network.


One-Pager: Building a Sustainable Future for the Willamette

Get an overview of our plans to build upon the successes of the Willamette River Initiative with a new Network to support continued collaborative action for a healthier Willamette.


Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Roles
Learn about the draft vision, values and goals identified by our advisory group to guide a future Willamette River network, and how the network will work strategically to realize a shared vision for healthy rivers and healthy communities.


Webinar: Sharing a draft blueprint for a Willamette River network

Watch a recording of a June 2018 webinar during which WRI Director Allison Hensey unveiled a draft blueprint for a new network to support river health efforts in the Willamette Basin.


Webinar recording: Sharing draft concepts for the future

Watch a recording of an April 2018 webinar during which WRI Director Allison Hensey discussed draft concepts for a new entity to support the Willamette restoration movement.


Willamette River Network Collaborative Framework and Timeline

This visual aid depicts the framework for a collaborative regional network, plus a timeline for development, launch and maturation of the network over the next several years.


Willamette River Network Organizational Structure Strawperson

This document depicts a possible organizational structure for the new network, including its staffing structure, governing board and the role of a funding council and action teams.


Desired outcomes - planning for a sustainable future in the Willamette River system

This documents outlines our hopes for the network-planning process.


Advisory group: Willamette River Initiative planning for the future

Meet the team of advisors who helped envision this new organization.


Creating a blueprint: The Willamette River Initiative beyond 2019

View our planning timeline.


Key takeaways: WRI discussions with partners

Our Willamette partners have been deeply involved in the conversations that led to this planning effort. Look back on key takeaways from past planning conversations.


Memo: Creating a sustainable future for the Willamette River system

Why a network? This memo provides context about how WRI’s model of support for the Willamette conservation community has worked, and why it’s important to continue the investment.


Planning for the future: Core functions & support services identified by WRI partners

What will this network do? Read this document to get a glimpse of the core services our partners and advisory group hope this network can provide.


WRI grants at-a-glance

In order to assess our community's future needs, it's helpful to know which efforts the Willamette River Initiative previously supported. This document provides an brief overview of what WRI funded.