Enabling better informed river management

Scientists share research while standing near a tributary of the Willamette River

WRI encourages Willamette restoration groups to work together on basin-wide challenges that are too big or complex for any one group to address. We’ve increased alignment and coordination among our partners by investing in science to increase shared understanding and supporting the early outreach and planning required to get ambitious collaborative efforts off the ground.

For example, WRI provided seed money for Willamette Riverkeeper to coordinate the Willamette Aquatics Invasives Network, an alliance of diverse groups that share resources, data and strategies to combat invasive aquatic weeds in the 11,500-square-mile Willamette Basin. About three years in, the network has grown to more than 50 member organizations. Together, they have mapped the entire mainstem river for invasive plants — a crucial first step in addressing its most urgent, noxious weeds.